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School for Girls

Private girls high school
in Westmount, Quebec

Rebranding a school with 140 years
of rich history

Back in mid 2016,  we were approached by Trafalgar School for Girls to create a pitch to help in the rebranding and marketing strategy for the school.

Trying to rebrand a school that has been around since 1870 is no easy task. At first we were intimidated. The expectations were high and we knew we had to create a strategy that felt fresh that also respected the storied history of the school.

We began by research. A lot of research.

We spent just over two months looking over all of the schools actions up until that moment, we conducted interviews with current students as well as students that had graduated some time ago.

We compiled all of our research into 3 documents with a total close to 200 pages
(we went a little bit overboard)

By the end we had our playbook for the next steps.

The branding process

The crest

After deciding to start with the new branding for the school, we built out inspired by the classic crest of the school that had been around for a close to a century, we diligently recreated a new, clean version for usage in the digital space.

The website

After we saw the current version of the website, we knew that the school desperately needed to refresh its image online. We took over the redesign and programming of the website, building out from wireframes to create a clean revamp that would let the school shine online.

We also did a photoshoot for the school, working with one of our favorite photographer collaborators, Alex Tran.

The campaign

After tying the images together with the new design direction that had been established for the school, we branched out and branded all of the school’s social networks.

With all of our tools for getting new students interested in place, we began our campaign for the school. Using a mix of print ads and highly targeted digital ads, we created an effective campaign for their open house.  

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