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Working with the Douglas Hospital to build an interactive tool to help eating disorder patients.


A little bit of


The Douglas Hospital in Montreal is a renowned psychiatric facility known for its excellence in research, treatment, and compassionate care for individuals with mental health disorders.

We were honored when Howard Steiger, the head of the eating disorder clinic at the Douglas Hospital, approached us with a unique opportunity. The chance to create a web application aimed at supporting the treatment of individuals with eating disorders filled us with both excitement and a deep sense of responsibility.


We understood the significance of this project, as it had the potential to make a real difference in the lives of patients seeking help. Our team eagerly accepted the challenge, recognizing the importance of developing a user-friendly and intuitive platform that could provide valuable resources, support, and personalized tools for those on their path to recovery. This endeavor not only allowed us to showcase our design skills but also presented a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the well-being of those in need.
A new kind of


The tool, called “Auto-Soins pour les Troubles de l’Alimentation,” aims to provide a comprehensive and interactive web application for individuals struggling with eating disorders, offering them self-care resources, personalized support, and valuable tools to aid in their recovery journey. The name, “Auto-Soins pour les Troubles de l’Alimentation,” translates to “Self-Care for Eating Disorders” in English, emphasizing the focus on empowering patients to take an active role in their own healing process, promoting self-care practices, and fostering a sense of autonomy in their treatment.
Inspiration for the 




Looking for a soothing colour palette, we decided to explore the idea of going with the gradient of skies during a sunset, a time for peace and reflection during the day.


Designing the


We paid special attention to the usability of the interface, ensuring that it was accessible to individuals with different levels of technical proficiency. The interface was designed to be responsive, allowing users to access the application on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


Designing the


Our design team worked closely with clinicians and experts from the Douglas Hospital to ensure that the interface was user-friendly, intuitive, and supportive.

We focused on creating a clean and inviting visual aesthetic, employing soothing colours and engaging typography to promote a sense of calmness and comfort. The layout was designed to be clear and organized, with easily navigable sections and intuitive menus that allowed users to access the various features and resources seamlessly.
Overall, our goal was to create an interface that not only provided valuable information and tools but also fostered a sense of empathy, understanding, and support. We wanted the design to reflect the compassionate care offered by the Douglas Hospital, providing a visually pleasing and empowering experience for individuals seeking help and healing.


The project was a success, greatly benefiting numerous patients who found the web application to be immensely helpful in their treatment. Encouraged by this positive outcome, we are now preparing to launch an advanced, secondary version of the application to the public. This expanded version aims to extend support beyond the clinic’s patients and assist individuals in the general public who are dealing with eating disorders, offering them valuable resources and tools for their recovery journey. The launch is estimated to be in 2024.

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