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Canada Day
in Montreal


Website design

Art Direction

Signage design

Event design

Designing the identity for Montreal’s Canada Day celebration proved to be an exciting undertaking, allowing us to add our flair to the historic event


A little bit of


We were thrilled to be approached to create the new identity for the Canada Day in Montreal celebrations. Our mission was to capture the city’s vibrant essence and celebrate national pride. With careful consideration, we crafted a visually captivating brand that embodies the spirit of this joyous occasion, uniting Montrealers in celebration.


Upon reviewing the current branding for Canada Day events in Montreal, we observed a prevalent use of generic maple leaf imagery and a lackluster foundation. Recognizing the need for a revitalized approach, our objective became infusing the branding with authentic local essence while upholding the spirit of national pride.






We creatively fused the symbol of Montreal with the dynamic burst of a firework to craft a logo for Canada Day in Montreal.


This captivating design captures the city’s unique spirit and the celebratory essence of the event, providing a memorable visual identity that honors both Montreal’s cultural heritage and the festive atmosphere of Canada Day.
Explanation of the 


Through thoughtful design exploration and iterative processes, we successfully integrated the recognizable symbol of Montreal, with the captivating burst of a firework.

More than anything, we wanted the identity to be fun




When designing visuals to accompany our brand, we created a mix of different concepts. One poster showcased vibrant 3D renderings of playful shapes by artist Vincent Schwenk, capturing attention with their dynamic and modern appeal.


The other poster featured an adorable portrait of a dog, evoking a sense of warmth and relatability. Each design aimed to engage viewers and ignite their curiosity, inviting them to join in the festivities and celebrate Canada Day in Montreal with excitement and joy.

We designed all of the signage for the event, expanding our brand out to the entire area of the celebrations. 




We collaborated with Tandem, the lead event producer, to create the comprehensive designs for the event signage and the main stage. It was a source of pride for us to contribute our expertise and creativity in bringing the visual elements to life, ensuring a captivating and memorable experience for all attendees.


It was really amazing to see the stage we designed in real life. We worked really hard and felt extremely satisfied when it finally came together. And it was even more exciting because some of the biggest and most talented performers from Montreal performed on that stage.

Photo credits: Tandem Communications

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